Our Core Range 

windmill best bitter

With a blend of the finest malts and hops, this windmill is guaranteed to generate a delicious best bitter  
ABV 4.1 %
courthouse porter
This criminally tasty porter is guilty of a smooth taste and chocolate aftertaste 

ABV 4.5 %

lighthouse pale ale
Like a beacon, this pale ale will light the way to a delightful hoppy taste with delicate floral notes 
ABV 3.9%
A delicious amber ale with a heavy citrus flavour and soft fruity undertones, ideal after a long day on the farm

ABV 4.2 %

Manor House 
A sweet deep red beer, with toffee and caramel notes that would definitely be lord of the manor 

ABV 4.5%

A sturdy framed mahogany ale with a crossbeam supporting autumnal flavours and a fresh aroma 
ABV 4.5%

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